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5 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Upholstered Furniture


May 14, 2022

Upholstered furniture, whether it’s a sofa or a reclining chair, adds character to your house and becomes a part of your daily routine of leaning back and unwinding after a long day at work. A favourite upholstered piece of furniture can become intimately connected to a person’s identity and cherished memories in some cases. When you buy an upholstered lounge suite or sofa, you want it to endure as long as possible and look excellent. Your upholstered furniture will begin to seem dusty and old even with regular use. The good news is that with proper upholstery care and maintenance, you can extend the life of your furniture and get the most out of it.

Tips to clean and maintain upholstered furniture

Fluff the cushions now and then

Seeing as your cushions are made of soft material, they get sat on, jumped on, and flattened out regularly. Make a habit of fluffing them up regularly with slapping, prodding, and gentle punching to ensure that they retain their natural shape and give comfort for years to come. Keeping the contour of your cushions helps to keep your upholstery in good repair by preventing the seams from being over-stressed by strange shapes and twists.

Vacuum regularly

The longer you put off vacuuming your upholstery, the more damage it will suffer. Dust collects on everything in your house, even your upholstery. When you sit on your couches and chairs, the weight of your body pulls the dust deeper into the upholstery fibres. Dust serves as an abrasive, cutting and scraping your upholstery on a microscopic level, causing the material to wear down faster when left unattended for long periods of time. Make it a point to get the vacuum out every time you do your routine house cleaning to give your upholstered sofas and chairs a fast clean. And also try to give an expert service to upholsteries once in a month. 

Use fabric protection

Get your upholstered furniture coated to protect it from spills if you have the option. Professionally applied stain protection makes it easier to clean your upholstery because it creates a smooth barrier between your upholstery and anything that could stain it. These stain protectors will also help to reduce the damage caused by UV rays in the sun. While fabric protection provides some protection, it isn’t a stain-proof choice unless spills are cleaned up right afterward. They will not be absorbed into the fabric as a result of this.

Rotate the seat cushions

Turn over loose cushions on a sofa or chair regularly to avoid wear. This is also a simple approach to equally distribute wear and avoid indentations on cushions. Open a seam at the rear of the seat cushion and add additional padding if the seat cushions get sloppy over time. On three-seat upholstered sofas, pay attention to the centre cushions. If your sofas have similar cushions for all three seats, exchange the centre cushions with the side cushions regularly to ensure even wear, cushion form, and upholstery protection for the two side seats.

Avoid excess moisture

When cleaning your upholstery, it’s crucial to avoid using too many liquid cleaning chemicals. Use the smallest amount possible to remove the stain, and allow plenty of time for it to dry completely. If you use too much cleaner and it soaks into the padding of your furniture, it might become a breeding ground for bacteria or damage the padding. Solvent cleaners, in particular, should be used carefully since if left sitting for too long without drying, they can seriously damage the cushioning.

Hiring professional upholstery cleaners once a year ensures that your upholstered furniture is thoroughly cleaned, something vacuuming alone would not accomplish. Furthermore, only professional techniques are capable of removing certain tenacious stains from your upholstery.

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