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Introducing: the #3MinuteDrill – A Stern Warning


Dec 17, 2021

We’re all time-poor lately. And all of us have quick consideration spans.

This lack of consideration and spare time tends to result in us all skimming articles on the web, not taking them in correctly. You’re in all probability doing it proper now.

This similar time-poorness signifies that I don’t write practically as a lot as I wish to right here — actually not as a lot as I as soon as did throughout A Stern Warning’s heyday within the late 2000’s.

In order of at present I’m introducing a brand new type of fast, quick, sharp article to ASW: the #3MinuteDrill. The final rule of those articles is to give you one thing that you could learn in 3 minutes or much less. Usually a lot much less.

I hope they give you a snack-sized piece of basketball content material to maintain you rolling via your transient life!

PS I utilized the identical rule to the MS Paint-produced brand for this section… so there.

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